A Bundle of Cells

Cells. A bundle of cells.

A bundle of cells is all that I am

I do not compare, I have nothing to share

A bundle of cells, a bundle of cells


I will not amount to more than a bundle

A bundle of cells who’s world will soon crumble

I find that my cells are small and distraught

A bundle of cells who lost when they fought


A BUNDLE OF CELLS is what I will be

No more than a bundle of cells you will see

A bundle of cells all crammed in this being

My bundle is tired, exhausting the meaning


The meaning of life is more than a cell

My cells have all failed, the world once yelled

What is my purpose sitting here in this chair

To train my bundle of cells to prepare


To prepare for a life full of wonder and awe

Too bad my poor bundle has subdued to the law

The law is the old, grace is the new

This bundle of cells will certainly do.


Moral of the poem: The world tells me I am only a bundle of cells(technically I am) and that I will amount to nothing. However Romans 5 suggests that the law is the past and grace is the new. SO, we don’t need to listen to the world but the Spirit inside along with the Word to know that we are much more than a bundle of cells.


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