Last week we talked about Jesus living the life we are supposed to live and freely giving us His righteousness.  He calls us out of hiding to run to His loving, outstretched arms.

Not only did Christ live the life we are called to live, He also died the death we were supposed to die.  He endured the most gruesome death known to mankind.  In fact, the word excruciating comes from crucifixion.

As Jesus was preparing for His death in Matthew 26:36-39, He was so stressed that He sweat blood.  According to the US National Library of Medicine, “[Sweating blood] may occur in an individual who is suffering from extreme levels of stress.”  Though He was undoubtedly stressed about the physical suffering He was about to endure, I think He was suffering more emotional stress.

Think about the last time you screwed up.  Imagine the shame, guilt, and heaviness of that mistake.  Jesus took the responsibility and punishment for that mistake, as well as every other sin you’ve ever committed, as well as every single sin that has ever been committed and ever will be committed.  Think of the weight of that.  He felt the entirety of God’s wrath for every ugly and despicable act.

A few months ago I was looking around at the darkness in the world today, and I felt so discouraged.  I wondered why God decided to make us even though He knew that the fall would happen and all these years of brokenness would follow.  Here’s the beautiful truth.  He was willing to sacrifice His Son and these years of darkness in order to spend an eternity with His children in heaven.  Before you were formed in your mother’s womb, He had already decided to die for you.  He had counted the cost and found you worth it.

When Christ died on that cross, so did all of our mistakes, stupid choices, trespasses, and sins.  When Christ died, we became completely clean and fully forgiven.  That means that everything you feel guilty or shameful about is nailed to that cross (Colossians 2:14).

However, we often times forget that when Jesus died on the cross, so did we.  When we give our lives to Christ, all we are is wrapped up in Him.  We die to ourselves and He lives in us.  We die so we can truly live.  That means our old self is dead and in its place is a new creation.

He calls us His beloved sons and daughters.  He calls us forgiven.  He calls us clean and pure.  We have no more shame.  He has taken it all so we can be free.  Satan is going to try to convince us otherwise.  He is going to try to tell us that our sin is too much, we are too broken, or we are unloveable.  He will do anything he can to sabotage our relationship with Jesus.  But these are all lies.  Your sin is not too much, you are not too broken, and you are so loved.

Never forget that.  You are loved, you are a child of God, and He is pleased with you.


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